Chapter one: Good byesEdit

"Wow", Shawn said, "I thought i could never raise my grades in middle school, but here i am graduating harvard, along side one of my best friends"

"I told you you could raise them man!"

Tears were streaming down my face. We were graduating colleage. But that ment the two had to go threre seperate ways. They would miss hanging out out together alot but, they both had familys to start. 

After the ceremony Shawn and Nolan were walking to there favorite food place. "wanna smoke?", Shawn said as he toook out a pack. "No thanks", Said Nolan, for he was trying to lean himself off of it. Right before they walked in a man with a suit came to them and asked them, "Are you two DeShawn Harker and Nolan Lee?"

"Um yeah", They both replied.

"Great! how would you like to be famous?"

"Um what was that?"

"You guys are big on the web right now, so how would you like your own T.V show on comedy central?"

Shawn passed out because he loved that channel so much.

"Um yeah! How much do we have to pay?"

"Nothing... we are going to pay you enough money to start your own buissness and that buiding over there, is now yours"

"But i already own that appartment over there", Said newly concious Shawn, pointing at a house.

"Thats your buissness building! You can keep that pile of trash over there"

wow..... and so the DB franchise had begun.

Chapter two: ZyanyaEdit

As Shawn was walking back to his place a hand went on his mouth and eyes and was pulled back.

"Gimme all your money", said a familliar but deeper voice.

"Let go Zyanya"

"Ahhh kumon, how did you know"

"Your voice.. and you do that to me every time you greet me..."

"Oh yeah..."

"So hows things with Earl?"

"Nah we broke up, im with a guy named Earnest"

"Wow, you have beenb with Edgar, Efi, Eduardo, Eamon, Ed, Eaton, Edmond, Eric, Earl, and Eli... seriosly, stay off guys for a second..."

"ahh shut up, Im having financial problems, rite now, im got evicted the other day"

"Really? Because my room mate moved out yesterday"