DBCard Example

DBTCG== You have heard of these cards, but what are they? All is explained below.


Drawing Battle Trading Cards were first made by Shawn. However, they were further developed by Nolan, Riese, and some others. Soon, they became popular within the group at school.


As you can see in the picture, the cards are similar to Pokemon, but have some different characteristics. This is a Character card. On the top left you see the Level, which doesn't have much importance now since the game is still in progress. The name is on the top middle, and the Health Points are on the top right. In the middle you see the picture of Nolan. Below the picture is the Ability, which is a special power the card has. Below the Ability are the moves. The left part of the picture is the front, and the right part is the back.

Unfortunately, I will not be showing Spell, Ability, Trap or Drink cards and how they work right now.

How To PlayEdit

The rules are VERY unstable at the moment... since you can pack your deck with Lv20's and stuff like that. I'm thinking we are going to limit the amount of certain cards you can put in the deck.

The rules are probably going to be similar to the attack in Pokemon, but won't have a Bench. Also, there is no Energy. Some cards have attacks that can only be used once in a game.

Here are the rules, still in alpha:

  • Each player has a deck of 20 cards.
  • They can only have up to 10 Character cards, and up to 10 Spell, Ability, Trap or Drink cards. (
  • Each player draws one card at the start of their turn.

These are the key rules in the game. As you can see they are very unstable. We don't even know how to win the game, so I'm thinking it'll be like Pokemon with the Prize Card thing. The number of Lv10 and ups should be limited. Also, the deck should be at least 30 cards, but we'll decide on that later.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Shawn was supposed to hold a DBTCG tournament, but kept forgetting.
  • Some of Shawn's cards are very overpowered, like a Spell that does 200 dmg to a target.
  • Some of Nolan's cards are very overpowered because they are usually Lv10 and up, and there is no limit to how many of those cards you can put in a deck.