Garrett is a side character is the drawing battle series. He wears a monocle and is pretty dang smart. However, when he's on the paper, usually he dies horribly. Garrett will probobly not make any more apperences in DB since he does not go to school with either Shawn or Nolan anymore.


He used to have mutant arms but Garrett requested not to. So now occasionally he has mechanical spider legs like Doc Ock from Spiderman. When he has those legs on, however, it means he has a need to kill... He also has a monocle that can be used to revive anyone. It has a cooldown of one year. Unfortunately he cannot revive himself.

The WarEdit

Garrett is the first of the original gang to be killed by Red Star


Nolan : They have a good friendship which all started in kindergarten.

Shawn : Garrett and Shawn are good friends, even though shawn has plans to kill him.

Michael: He's good friends with Michael.

Garrett: Garrett make an account you can work for us.

Riye: Garrett's girlfriend, till he died.

Finnley: Good friends, but Finnley ridicules him alot.


-Ow my neck!

-Just kidding

-Where am i?


-Monocole resurect!