well actually now it turns out its a girl


One morning Shawn and Alex R. were talking when a squirrel just started ****ing another squirrel right in front of them. Shawn decided to give it the most menacing name possible, so he came up with Jim. Nolan finds the name stupid though (LIES! But I suggest something like Simon. WHHHUUU! Scary. -Nolan)


-Jim is really shawns third brother, Humphrey, but since he pissed of a wizard he bacame a squirrel.

-Jim tries to get shawns attention, but only gets it by having to **** his friend sally

-It was found out recently that Jim is a girl and is pregneant

Death Of JimEdit

Jim was killed the last day of winter break after a crow pushed her off a telephone wire into her doom. read more about it here.