Ninja Muffin

Shawn gets owned.

Ninja Muffin is a random blueberry muffin with ninja-like powers.

His origin is unkown but it was given to Shawn from an assasin. He has made few apperences in the last season.


Sometime randomly in a story, Ninja Muffin will pop up and smack Shawn in the face, foiling shawns fool proof plan to get girls. While this happens, someone screams, "NINJA MUFFIN!" (you say it like NIN-JAH MAH-FAIN!). Ninja Muffin appears to be an enemy to Shawn.

The End of The WarEdit

The Blaze laid there, blood dripping down his face. This was it, they lost, well, he lost anyway.

"Revenge! time for your end The Blaze!", RickSaw yelled at The Blazed.

But then a voice from the heavens blurted out for all to hear. all the villains looked up and instantlly saw there demise.

"Oh sh*t", Ricky Said.


When a bunch of muffins shot from the sky all attacking the villains. Then one larger muffin came down, the leader of the NInja Muffins. They had won the war.