Riye Rinusagi is Garrett's girlfriend. She is half-Japanese and half-American. Shawn is pretty jealous, and surprised since he thought Garrett would die alone. Unfortunately, Garrett dies in Operation D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T. and their relationship doesn't go any further. Later Riye meets someone else and has one kid. However, in a super-duber surprise plot twist, the kid turns out to be Garrett's. She first becomes suspicious when the kid has an unusual interest in monocles and tophats.


  • Garrett was planning on marrying her, but he died a few days before he was going to propose.
  • She was an A+ student, which was partly why Garrett liked her.
  • She doesn't play any major role in the DB series.. actually to be honest I just made her up.
  • She has photographic memory, and remembers Garrett's scarred body perfectly, which haunts her.
  • Riye however finds someone else later on and has one kid (that happens to be Garrett's). She dies of old age.