"So so The Blaze, its finnaly time for your doom"' Rex Said.

Shawn Knew that if he was killed by another imortal he would die too...But he knew he could easily escape.

"Yeah but did you expect this!", Shawn said as he freed him self fast out of his rope as he blasted fire at Rex.

But right there out of no where, the Blazzette came in for a rescue mission, unknowing that The Blaze could save himself. Rex pulled the Gun on her.

"NO!", Shawn shouted as he jumped in front of her

Shawn hit the floor bleeding, he  knew if he wasnt saved he would actually die. Before he passed out from blood loss he shot rex in the head. Both and Rex had died.

The Blazzette walked over to the blaze with tears in her eyes, but as she went to grab his dog tags his scarf went down. The Blazzette saw it was Shawn.

"oh no... Shawn... Shawn noooo!!!!"

And all She could do was hug him... intill the police arrived to take his, and rex's bodys away.

"So everyone thinks im dead?", A deep voice said.

"Yes just as you asked boss"

"And to think Derpy Dan would risk his life for this mission..."

"Yes boss its very sad."

"Well any way let us continue on our mission.... The world is in our hands, and if we are learned about, The plan will fail"

"We dont want that boss"

And after that, Shawn (clearly not Shaved for weeks) came out of the dark. 

"Very good White Pants Man, keep up the good work.... But first we need to come up with what to do with the plans...."