Shawn Suffers from a disease of inusanity of sorts called Schizophrenia, making him not know what is real and whats not and makes it hard for him to act normally in social situations. He lives in a bad nieghbor where he gets in fights alot, giving him a scar next to his lip. He carries a weapon around with him where ever he goes for safety. He also has a deep down seacret that he really does love his friends. He loves them like there were his family. Garrett is even one of Shawn's best friends. Shawn actually is seacretly trying to make up for all of his hate on canada, but does not talk about it often. He actually thinks Mukkades is really annoying sometimes becuase she sometimes gets into his buissness, and actually does feel horrible every time he is rejected by a girl, and usually does nothing but lay in his bed all day the first day they have after school after that. Shawn also never cries, leaving out the fact that he sometime wants to cry. Now you know some of the Seacrets of DeShawn James Harker