Nolan Lee : Nolan and Shawn are very good friends.. they hang out alot during lunch.They also are the founders of Drawing battle. They both have completely different personalities, but they still managa being good friends.

Zyanya: Shawn maintains a very strong firnedship with her. They have a similar sense of humor. They love each other like family and get in stupid fights with each other all the time for no exact reason. 

Garrett Rifkin:  Garrett and Shawn maintain a good friendship, but Shawn hates him more than anything on the planet, even more than tree people and canada.

Michael Mazumder: They are good friends, but they usually only hang out just them when they are throwing a football around. 

Finnley O'Rourke: Can tolerate each other, but Shawn hates him greatly.... Shawn is happy he is leaving there school so he does not have to deal with him any more.

Bradley: Bradley has known Shawn the longest in DB because they went to elementary and kindergarden together. He and Shawn worked on there comic Shawn and Bradley's paradox page.