chapter oneEdit

It was a dark dark night, as The Blaze walked triumphly threw the city streets.


A explosion broke out near city hall. For it was the notorious villain group including The Rambler, the Kevin Bacon clones, and White Pants man.

"aww your freaking kidding me?! these guys are easy!", TB said.

"hahaha yes that may be so but how about are new robot!", White pants man said.

"Dude i can see the self destruct button its really big and on the chest!"

"What no, thats not the"

The blaze threw a rock at the chest and the robot exploded.

"There is in Russia an emeritus Professor Nikolay Stepanovitch, a chevalier and privy councillor; he has so many Russian and foreign decorations that when he has occasion to put them on the students nickname him "The Ikonstand." His acquaintances are of the most aristocratic; for the last twenty-five or thirty years, at any rate, there has not been one single distinguished man of learning in Russia with whom he has not been intimately acquainted. There is no one for him to make friends with nowadays; but if we turn to the past, the long list of his famous friends winds up with such names as Pirogov, Kavelin, and the poet Nekrasov, all of whom bestowed upon him a warm and sincere affection. He is a member of all the Russian and of three foreign universities. And so on, and so on. All that and a great deal more that might be said makes up what is called my "name." The Rambler said