The WarEdit

Shawn is soon the general of the marines which he goes on missions with some of the other guys, including Garrett, Derpy Dan, and Pedro the Mexican Canadian. This war is against North Korea and Canada, and it lasts for 45 years, 9 months, 18 days, 4 hours, 28 minutes, and 19.5 seconds. Shawn was indeed correct about Canada being a greater threat than what they looked like before. In Operation D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T., Shawn dies when he blows up the enemy base, he and the whole enemy gets killed, but in his death, he was revealed to be The Blaze to the whole world.
His funeral is attended by 112,396,392 people, and 85% of them had tears in their eyes, while 0.56% were lmao to a funny video on YouTube of NUMANUMANOLAN.

Shawn James HarkerEdit

Shawn joins the war and becomes the leader of the marines. Shawn marries (insert when gets girlfriend) and has two children named James and Sophie. He dies when blowing up one of the major enemy bases.

Elias PantsmanEdit

Elias has one kid named Jessica Pantsman. Not much is known about him in the future yet, except for the fact that he joins the army.

Nolan LeeEdit

Nolan marries shawn demon half sister Zoey, they do not have any kids, but after shawn died, they took care of his daughter Sophie. Nolan also wins a debate and becomes the President of the USA and also top scientist in NASA. But sadly he was assasinated by Edison Salazar's son, Mark.

Edison SalazarEdit

Edison's future spouse is unknown but we do know he has a son named Mark, who kills Nolan in the future.