Water fountain
Chapter one: The thirst

At a skate park Shawn and his friend dilon were extremely thirsty, so they decided to go find a water fountain. 

"i need some water man", Shawn said

"me too, where is there a water fountain"

"The top of the hill"

So Shawn and dilon went to the path, but it was blocked off! Shawn and dilon had to find a different way up. they saw two paths, one to pure hell, one to a fairy happy path

Shawn chose the pure hell path.

When Dilon and Shawn first walked in they found a sword adn a battle axe. Things were already looking good! Well then i giant demon rose from the ground, then things got hard...

Chapter two: the demonEdit

Devil 2
At first Shawn and Dilon were freaked out, but then the demon started playing in a a patch of flowers. the demon had joined there team! Shawn named the demon Humphrey. Shawn, Dilon, and Humphrey went down the newly expanded path to greatness! plus Shawn got to kill every bad thing in sight on the way there, so Shawn was diggin it. Intill Rex, thought dead, was there with an army of devils...

Chapter three: the return of rexEdit

"What the hell! Shawn are you just writing random crap now" exclaimed Nolan.

Shawn Took out his ultimate sword and started swinging killing most of the demons. Dilon took out his batttle axe, swinging and choping heads off, but Humphrey, Humphrey had no defence, and a devil mage blasted him. All that was left of him was a squirell. Shawn wondered how the it survived, but they were both in tears, crying.

Chapter four: The end and adviceEdit

After several hours of searching, they had found it! They had reached the water fountain was there! Shawn and dilon both drank water for a very long time, and quickly and easily made it back down. Once they got back, they told Jack Hyslop (Friend they were with) that they had found the water fountain. 

"Really? thats what you were doing? Because my dad has had refreshments over there the whole time!"