The blaze arsenal
The Blaze is one hero that shawn diguises him self as to help others.

The blazes 1Edit

The first blaze was portrayed in the comic LINHOWE, the series shawn originally in. since shawn was a minor charachtor in that series, people did not think it was him. 

The Blaze 2Edit

The blaze 2 appeared in drawingbattle episode 9 in the rise of mememan. The blaze only appereaed after shawn died. He gets the ultimate sword.

The blaze 3Edit

Shawn gets a mask for the blaze that is a skull, He gets beaten up for being accused for being the blaze. This is also when the hatred for Canada  began.

The Blaze 4Edit

The Blaze becomes normal the blaze 2 gain, but has the ability to summon fire.

The blaze 5Edit

Shawn uses his blue jacket and a red scarf to be the blaze for atleast 5 episodes. He gains the power of flight.

The blaze 6Edit

He is back in his normal get up. he gets double pistols, a robot hand, several tears on his hoodie, a second sword, and new rage powers.

The end of the blazeEdit

When world war 3 becomes a majour problem, shawn burns his costume, so he can focus more on the war.

james as the blazeEdit

When Shawn dies, James becomes the blaze, with only two daggers and a robot foot.