Wow, the war is about to end, i just wish i could be there to see the new world. here i am standing here with a bomb on  my chest running into the nuke room of the Korea/Canadian base... Its hard to believe, ive been threw so much...


I tunred around it was nolan. He had just put me as general of the marines of the u.s army. 

"Where were you yesterday? You where supposed to, nine eleven rememberence day was yesterday! and you just completely had a no show!"

"sorry, i had to do something!"

"It can't be to important! you old friend Zyanya was killed on nine eleven 2024!"

I made a fire ball in my hand and put it to Nolans face.

"Shut up about Zyanya!" a tear went down my face.

"Jeez im sorry dude i didnt mean t-"

"its fine just leave me alone for rite now."

Rite then the newscame on in breaking news. 

The statue of liberty was just bombed.
War ep1

Episode 2:  End of the blazeEdit

I was right, like the title said. Canada has been are biggest enemy all along. They blew up the statue of liberty, those son of a b*tches... "Why would they do that?!" President nolan said. 

"Beacuse those rat basturds have been planing this the whole time!"

"Shawn I need twenty four seven prep for a war so close to home"

"don't worry, hold up i gotta do something..... to help in the war"

I walked into my room, grabbed my black hoodie and scarf, went out to my backyard fire pit, and threw them in. i could no longer be the blaze if i were to focus on the war. so from this point on, the blaze is a figment of the past.