Zero is Nolan's disguise (or as Shawn  likes to put it, alter ego.) He has an implanted laser beam hand and a very awesome 1-grade-drawing-looking-power-ranger-visor-thingy. The picture shows Zero V1 from Zero Arsenal.


Can create an even powerful laser and literally blast the paper to shreds. His visor can have multiple attachments with a built in iPod. He can play Angry Birds while exploding Shawn. Also, the little visor thingy is the target thing, which locks-on and hits things 100% of the time. I forgot to draw it but he has a jetpack so he can fly really far.

Zero's Origin?!Edit

No one knows how Nolan obtained this suit or why he uses it. All we know is that Shawn is going DOWN when he meets Zero V.3...


-Zero has killed shawn less times than regular nolan has

-Zero stands for .010101010101010101